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The Cannon Style

The Vessel of Hwit Fyr, one of the Great 108 Relics, was a fatal tool that emits the burning pillar of light.
Its shape was so common to be seen as weapon or artifact, and many who rashly opened the Vessel was found with a big hole in their head.

The artisan who luckily survived from its disastrous function, noticed the power of the Vessel.
He engraved the fancy decoration on the Vessel and added a prop to lengthen it.
Then he remade the Vessel's lid into a hilt.
The artisan named himself the Swordsman of Hwit Fyr and won many victories in the duels.

That is how the Relic was given a new form and function.
And such deception has piqued the Creators of the 108 Relics.